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Donations Keep This Campaign Moving

This grassroots campaign doesn't exist without contributions from people like you!

Donations of any amount are a tremendous help towards keeping this campaign!  Even a $5 - $20 contribution goes a long way!

Make that an automatic monthly contribution and this campaign will take off!

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Hold Signs at Standouts

This campaign can show massive strength when an army of arm waving sign holders standout on a popular street corner! Pete For Melrose will be holding a few of these as we near Election Day! Wanna help? Glad to have you!

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Door Knock Your Neighborhood

Spreading the word about Pete is the legwork, literally, involved in door knocking! Over 3,000 doors will be knocked on over the next few months and Pete can't do it alone!

Be part of Pete's Army and knock on a few doors around your neighborhood!

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Host a House Party

Intimate house parties are the perfect place to learn more about candidates... and Pete loves a good house party! Sign up to be a host in your neighborhood to give you and your neighbors a chance to grill Pete on his positions and policies! Or just grill!

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Help Coordinate Events

Campaigns don't run themselves! It takes a village!

Pete is working hard to ensure that this campaign stays ahead of the game! But help is always appreciated! Coordinating the activities above, not to mention various campaign events, is no small task! But it can be when there's help!

If coordinating events is your thing, Pete would love the help!

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